Videos of people getting tased [My 8 Top Picks!]

Let’s face it:

Everyone loves watching videos of people getting tased.

I’m not sure what it is about them that people love, though. Maybe it’s:

  • Knowing that it’s a non-lethal attack (usually…)
  • Seeing someone completely disarmed and helpless
  • Or just because watching stuff like this is funny – look at the popularity of shows like America’s Funniest Home Videos (yes, I’m old school)

In this post, I’ve decided to relax a bit and gather up my favorite taser-related Youtube videos.


Check out these videos of people getting tased!

What does a Taser do?

There are some great videos out there that demonstrate the real impact of getting hit with a Taser.

The video below is one of them.

You can really see just how powerful the effect of that electrical charge can be on a person (even a big, knife-wielding guy!).

Ready for this?

Police and Military getting Tased

The 2 most popular categories of taser videos seem to be:

  1. Videos of criminals getting tased
  2. Videos of cops/military getting tased

Maybe it’s a bit of catharsis, seeing those who are usually the ones doing the tasing get the business end of a Taser. For the vast majority of police and military personnel, getting Taser training involves having the Taser turned on yourself.

There are many videos of this portion of their training. Here’s 2 of my favorites.

First, the military:

Now, the police. This is a great compilation of dozens of officers getting tased during training.

Some of their facial expressions are priceless:

Videos of criminals getting tased

The reason that police carry Tasers is so that they can (hopefully) resolve tense situations in a non-lethal manner.

There are a number of videos of this happening.

Here are some of my favorites.

In one tense situation, a knife-wielding man refuses to drop his weapon when confronted by 2 officers. After a few minutes, the officers count down to zero and let their Tasers do their work.

Check it out (I skipped ahead to later in the video for you):

In the compilation video below, you can see a number of police incidents where takedowns and Tasers are used to get compliance.

Don’t miss that first one – she’s a biter!

Citizens using Tasers to protect themselves

Another major use (which we discuss here on the site fairly often) is citizens using Tasers and stun guns to protect themselves.

In the situation below, a man is stalking a woman in a group. He looks to have some ill intentions, as the fight breaks out instantly.

Another woman uses her stun gun to lay him out so that the others can escape. Then she seems to have some more power for his backside afterwards…

Check it out:

Tasing in slow motion – fascinating!

Having fun yet?

I’ve got more.

One of my favorite Taser-related videos uses some slow motion photography to show exactly what happens to someone when they get hit with the voltage.

YouTubers the Slow Mo Guys visited Axon’s headquarters (then Taser International) in Scottsdale, AZ to get some amazing slow-mo footage of a Taser hit.

You can see the impact at 25,000 frames per second!

Don’t miss this:

This video also has a great discussion of what that little “confetti” is that comes out of a Taser when it’s fired.

Hint: it allows them to track which device fired at that site.

How does a Taser compare with a Stun Gun?

One major question that many readers ask is:

Is a Stun Gun as effective as a Taser?

Which is better?

You’ve already seen a bunch of Taser videos, and see how effective they can be.

In the video below, a group of people use Stun Guns on each other. It’s interesting to see the different effect.

Mostly, the Stun Gun is a pain compliance device.

It doesn’t full immobilize an attacker, like a Taser will. This is important to realize when choosing which device you carry for self defense.

Videos of people getting stunned and tased


I hope you’ve enjoyed this collection of videos!

Do you have a favorite? I’d love to see it in the comments.

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Videos of people getting tased by police

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