Taser Bolt – Non-Lethal Weapon Review

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The Taser Bolt is useful to have in case of an emergency, but maintaining it can quickly drain your wallet. The Taser Bolt feels like it can take a beating and fits solidly in hand, however, the plastic casing doesn’t feel very high-grade. The Taser Bolt is compact and easy to carry, however, the safety door over the trigger could be potentially problematic. The Taser Bolt offers close-range and long-range capabilities up to 15-feet, as well as some additional features.


What I like: What I don’t like:
  • It has a contact stun feature for close encounters.
  • The Bolt can shoot up to 15 feet.
  • LASER assisted targeting makes hitting your target fairly easy
  • The Taser Bolt takes battery cartridges instead of being rechargeable, so you’ll have to buy new ones every time they die.
  • The trigger is easily depressed when sliding the safety door off of the trigger.
  • Plastic casing makes the Taser Bolt feel cheap.

Review Summary

The Taser Bolt may seem a bit overpriced for the features it offers, especially when you take into account that you’ll need to buy new batteries and cartridges every time they die.

However, the Taser Bolt does do exactly what it promises and will incapacitate an attacker if needed.

Taser Bolt Review

Review: the Taser Bolt

If you’re looking for a lightweight self-defense weapon you can carry without a permit, the Taser Bolt is a good option for you.

Its 30-second muscular override and 15-foot range makes this a great item to have around if you ever find yourself in a sticky situation.

Who is this for?

The Taser Bolt is a good option for travelers or city-dwellers who want to carry protection with them but are unable to or don’t want to deal with the hassle of buying a gun.

The lightweight build makes it easy to carry around discretely while its 50,000 volt output means you should have no trouble disabling an assailant.

What makes it good?

The Taser Bolt is a great alternative to a gun or other more traditional self-defense weapons. It delivers 50,000 volts of electricity, which is more than enough to stop an attacker in his tracks.

In fact, Taser is so confident about this that they’ve centered their branding around their famous “30-second muscular override”, which will temporarily override an attacker’s central nervous system.

The delivery of this 30-second muscular override is another great feature of the Taser Bolt. It can shoot live cartridges from up to 15-feet away, far enough that you can safely keep your distance and immobilize an attack before it even happens.

However, if you miss your shot or are caught unawares, the Taser Bolt also offers a contact stun feature! This is a great fallback option because the contact stun feature will work even if you run out of cartridges, meaning you always have a line of defense.

The Taser Bolt - A great non-lethal weapon?

Another great feature of the Taser Bolt is its LASER assisted targeting system. It’s outfitted with a built-in flashlight that will highlight where you need to shoot so you never miss your target.

In addition to all of this, Taser offers a limited lifetime warranty. If you lose or damage your Taser Bolt while defending yourself, Taser will send you a new one, free of charge!

Be aware though, despite all of this, the Taser Bolt does have some flaws that shouldn’t be present in a unit priced so high. Our biggest gripe is about the childproof safety door. Originally meant to be an additional safety feature, the door only serves to get in the way when you need to fire it quickly. In addition, the trigger is placed exactly where your thumb naturally falls on the gun, making it easy to accidentally shoot the Bolt.

In addition to this, the Bolt simply does not feel like a high-end stun gun. Although it fits easily into your hand and feels sturdy enough, the casing feels like a cheap plastic material. For the price of the unit as well as the additional money going towards batteries and cartridges, we expected the quality to feel more high-end.

Defend yourself with the Taser Bolt

Main Features

  • LASER assisted targeting
  • Shoots up to 15 feet
  • “Contact Stun” feature
  • 30-second muscular override
  • Built-in flashlight
  • 50,000 volts
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Alternative Products

If you’re looking for other options, the Taser Pulse may be a better fit. Check out my review here.

The Verdict

The Taser Bolt undoubtedly offers great value to anyone looking for an effective self-defense weapon. The 50,000 volts, 15-foot range, and close contact stun option are comforting to have when you’re walking down a dark street at night.

However, users should be aware that, even after the initial purchase, they will be spending money just to maintain this stun gun.

If the Taser Bolt is what you’re after, click here to buy one on Amazon, or read more reviews of this great product here.

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