How many Martial Arts schools are there in the US?

When I was young, my parents enrolled me in the school’s martial arts program. While I only made it to the brown belt, I remember having a lot of fun.

This was back in the 90s when everyone was getting into Karate and Kung Fu. Of course, today, martial arts are everywhere. They’re being practiced outside their native countries and becoming huge sports. Karate is even being introduced into the Olympics in 2020.

Due to the increasing popularity of mixed martial arts, it’s no wonder why more and more people are joining dōjōs. According to research, nearly 3.42 million students enrolled in martial arts classes across the country in 2017. This number, while not the highest in the country’s history, shows that people’s interest in martial arts hasn’t waned.

So, if you’re wondering how many martial arts schools are there in the US, keep reading!

How many martial arts schools are in America?

Martial Arts Schools in the US

There are approximately 3.6 million people enrolled in martial arts classes today and over 75,000 firms are operating within the US-based industry.

According to one survey, there were 15,896 martial arts schools in the US in 2016. They generate about $4 billion in revenues every single year within the US. The industry even achieved a growth rate of an average of 4.2%.

Most martial arts schools, even today, operate with a single instructor. Most of the people that have tried martial arts in the US tend to be adults rather than children.

Adults are three times more likely to try martial arts than kids.

The Best Martial Arts Schools in the US

The many martial arts schools in the US teach a variety of martial arts. These include the traditional as well as the newest ones like MMA.

The interest in these sports has not waned through the years, even though it has diminished. However, people still think of martial arts as some of the most lucrative and popular extracurricular activities.

MMA (Mixed Martial Arts)

MMA, or Mixed Martial arts, has been developed as a sport for the last 20 years. Beginning in the early 1990s, the sport began to develop as an international game. Today, there are champions earning millions for top tier fights.

The top gym or school for MMA in the US is in Coconut Creek, Florida. It is the American Top Team’s main gym. It has continuously received praise for the number of professional fighters it produces. It has also drawn praise for its amenities and professional equipment. UFC commentator and former Fear Factor host Joe Rogan has stated that Top Team gym is the country’s best. The gym has a 20,000 square foot area with a lot of professional equipment.

Other fighting gyms in the country that teach MMA include the American Kickboxing Academy. Many of the nation’s top fighters hail from here. For example, Cain Vasquelez, Josh Koscheck and Jon Fitch from the UFC made this their training center. The gym also offers classes in boxing, BJJ and MMA.

Jackson’s MMA which is run by Greg Jackson is also famed. It is a gym that is visited by players to seek perfection. Greg Jackson is a wrestling coach who teaches kickboxing along with Mike Winkeljohn.

What kinds of martial arts schools are in the US?


The Degerberg Academy has distinguished itself for the teaching of different styles. They were named the “Best Overall Martial Arts School” by Black Belt Magazine in 2006. They were also rated as the top Martial arts school in the US by the US Martial arts Association.

Classes offered in the Academy include street fighting and Tai Chi as well as Degerberg Blend. That latter combines a lot of different techniques and principles from martial arts styles.

The National Karate Academy of Martial arts was once a single school in Minneapolis. Today it has expanded to over 25 different academies all over the country. They mainly exist in the Midwest, however. Their founders are both ninth-degree black belts. They teach an Americanized version of Karate. This combines a lot of different styles to improve and perfect the fighting technique. This makes fighters produced from the academy more versatile.

Black Belt Magazine has also praised Harmony by Karate. The school’s focus on building confidence, and developing inner strength has contributed to its unique philosophy. Hence, it helps students not only calm themselves but achieve more confidence.

What's the number of US martial arts schools?

Krav Maga

Krav Maga is the military martial art that was developed for the Israeli military. Schools for this rarely existed outside Israel, but today they exist in the US.

Sifu Katalin teaches Krav Maga at the POW Martial Arts Center. His praises have been sung by the likes of Shape Magazine which has categorized him as one of the best. The POW Martial Arts Center is located in Chicago’s West Loop. It features other martial arts training as well including MMA. However, it’s chiefly known for its Krav Maga training.

Krav Maga Worldwide is also one of the schools featured in Black Belt Magazine. The school prides itself on the teaching of a lot of different fighting styles. This includes military, self-defense, fitness, etc. This will help them find a program that works for them. Due to the school’s notoriety, it has found itself featured in Black Belt Magazine.

The Krav Maga Federation also has several branches in the New York area. The principle one is of course centered in New York City. Founder Rhon Mizrachi is the official representative of Haim Zut, a world-renowned instructor in Krav Maga.

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