Dog Pepper Spray Vs Human Pepper Spray – What’s the Difference?

Something very basic that women carry around in their purses (and men in their EDC or other bag) is pepper spray.

It’s recommended for safety against criminals when going to a crime infested area. A dog spray however, is one that is used to deter a dog or another animal from causing you harm.

I’ve carried the latter with me many times while going out because I’ve always been unlucky with dogs. I’ve also carried it while hiking or going on nature walks for protection.

Some people think that there’s really no difference between the two, however, that’s far from the truth.

Can you use pepper spray on a dog?

What is Pepper Spray and Dog Spray?

Pepper spray is an aerosol can that contains various oils that are derived from peppers.

Specifically, the cayenne pepper is used to make pepper spray. It’s meant to be used as a weapon to disable attackers and muggers, and robbers. Its main function is to irritate the eyes and the respiratory passages.

Hence, it causes a lot of short term pain that helps to disable any attacker so that you can escape.

A dog spray however, is less effective.

It’s meant to deter a dog or scare it away. It’s not meant to be as disabling as a pepper spray since a dog is technically less of a danger than a mugger or a rapist.

However, it’s also found in an aerosol can and can be used for defense against dogs or other small animals.

What's in pepper spray?

Dog Pepper Spray Vs Human Pepper Spray

As I said, dog spray, a.k.a muzzle canine repellent isn’t as strong as human pepper spray.

It’s made to deter and affect a dog’s senses including sight and smell. They tend to be much more sensitive than a human’s hence, the diluted effect. For a human, a much stronger dose is needed to shut down or at least disarm those senses.

The amount of pepper resin that is used in dog spray is less than half the standard for that of human pepper spray. The Scoville heat units for human pepper spray are usually 2 million SHU.

However, for dog sprays, they’re much less than that.

What's the difference between dog pepper spray and human pepper spray?

This is why you can’t really use dog spray on humans, and vice versa. If you’re going to go on nature walks though, it may be advisable to take a human pepper spray. If you come across a hostile animal on a hike or an outing, then you may not want to chance a weak attack.

You can never go wrong with a human pepper spray by your side.

The benefits of using a good quality pepper spray are enormous.

  • First, you get instant results when you spray it on to the assailant, human or animal.
  • Second, you can shoot the effluent out of the can at a distance of about 8-16 feet. This means that you don’t need to be near the assailant in order to hurt it.
  • Also, it’s legal in all states in the US so you don’t have to worry about repercussions even if you set it off accidentally.
  • Finally, the effects of the spray are temporary and aren’t meant to be fatal or totally harmful.

Difference Between Animal Spray and Human Pepper Spray

Bear Spray isn’t Stronger than Pepper Spray

You may think that using Bear Spray would be much more effective than human pepper spray.

After all, the bear is a much larger animal than a human being. It’s also much tougher and much harder to overcome or kill. Hence, it’s natural to assume that it would require much more power to ward it off.

However, much like a dog, it has stronger senses of smell, taste, and sight than human beings. Hence, it will be much more hurt by a pepper spray than a human being will. So, bear spray is much more dilute than a normal pepper spray for humans.

Furthermore, a bear spray is designed to elude the bear rather than subdue it. It fills the air with water droplets so that the bear is discouraged from approaching. It puts a wide cloud around the bear to confuse it.

Pepper spray on the other hand seeks to temporarily incapacitate and blind the subject so that they’re disarmed completely.

How to Use Pepper Spray

Using Pepper Spray on a Dog

While most people tend to love dogs, and while they may be very friendly, they can attack you. Note that this is a technique that should only be used on dogs that are hurting you.

Hurting dogs that are tied to their dog house or a chain or posing no danger to you is a crime and considered animal abuse.

However, if you do come across a rabid dog that is going to hurt you then you will want to use a dog spray or pepper spray on it.

Please use normal dog spray and not human pepper spray on it though. You could end up seriously hurting the dog if you use human pepper spray.

When you use the pepper spray on the dog, you should be atop an elevated platform. This could be a box that you’re standing on.

This could be a flight of stairs. It could also be an elevated platform like a stage. This is to make sure that you don’t get second wind of the dog spray you’ve aimed at the dog. If the dog is below you, there’s a greater chance of it being hit with all the dog spray.

Using Pepper Spray on a Bear

Bears have been known to attack campers and have been known to steal food from picnic goers. Hence, carrying some bear spray is good for the outdoors.

However, don’t ever use a pepper spray or bear spray on them if they’re not bothering you. This is only in the case that they come to your campsite, try to steal food, or try to harm you.

Provoking the bears without cause or harming them is unethical. The latter can be considered animal abuse.

Make sure that you carry a can of active bear spray with you. You can spray many feet away from your position with it. Bears need to be stopped further away than dogs because they will be coming at you with greater momentum. Hence, they will have a greater stopping distance than dogs.

Using Pepper Spray on a Human

Using pepper spray on a human is advised if you come across an attacker or a mugger.

Using one on suspicion is not encouraged without probable cause. However, do know that if you have a strong reason to do so, then you will not be charged under the law.

Pepper spray is generally legal to use after all, but check your local laws to be sure!

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