The best self defense weapon that’s not a gun? Here it is.

Real talk:

It is important to be prepared to defend yourself if the need arises.

However, a gun is not always the best option when it comes to the best self-defense weapon. Personally, I’m not a huge fan of carrying a gun (shooting them is fun, though). I prefer to carry something else.

There are many options that can be used in self defense that are much safer for the attacked while still defending against an attacker.

Just a few of the self defense weapons we show here are:

  • The most common self defense weapon, pepper spray
  • The Taser, now growing in popularity
  • Tactical options like flashlights and knives
  • Even keychains that wouldn’t appear dangerous but can defend you if necessary

Pepper Spray

Pepper spray has long been a common choice for self defense.

It is easy to keep with you, whether in a purse or even a small canister on a keychain. This, as a self defense weapon, has been popular for decades as it fends off an attacker easily and is more accessible than a gun.

However, it should be known that pepper spray is only meant to debilitate an attacker for a short time, allowing you a chance to get away.

A canister of pepper spray is also usually only good for one instance and should be replaced before needing it again.

Curious about the effect of pepper spray? Check out this video for some reactions:

Tasers and Stun Guns

It gets better.

Like pepper spray, a Taser or stun gun is only meant to slow your attacker down for a short time, allowing you to get away from the situation.

Some attackers will be more affected by a Taser than others so be prepared to give them a shock and then split. With a Taser-branded device, the attacker will usually be stunned for a longer period of time than if you were to use pepper spray, however.

A Taser can come in various levels of shock depending on your needs and what you are comfortable with.

Stun guns come in various forms, including ones that double as a flashlight. This not only allows you to use your stun gun for different purposes, but you can also use it to keep yourself out of danger in dark parking lots or other threatening situations.

Tactical Pen

A tactical pen, such as that created by Smith & Wesson, can be safer for the person being attacked, making it more comfortable for you to carry.

While it isn’t as versatile as a knife, which has more uses than just self defense, a tactical pen also has the added benefit of being inconspicuous. No one has to know that you are carrying an item capable of defense. It doesn’t just look like a pen, it is fully functional as one as well.

Tactical Flashlight

Let me shine some more light on things.

A tactical flashlight can come in many styles with various methods of self defense.

Many of them are used to blind an attacker with a bright beam of light and come with backup defense choices that can be used if necessary.

Some tactical flashlights even have a taser option, some can be used as a blunt weapon, and some are designed specifically to inflict damage that will throw an attacker off guard or even send them off in the other direction.

Vipertek offers many tactical flashlights, but don’t forget to look at their stun guns as well.

Tactical Knife

A knife, especially a tactical knife, can be easier and more effective than a gun if your attacker is in close-quarters. This is the most common type of attack, especially against women, and a tactical knife can be one of the best weapons in this scenario.

When looking for a tactical knife, be sure it is sturdy enough to hold up in an attack and it is beefy enough to inflict enough damage to debilitate your attacker or get them to run opposite so you can get away.

Kubotans & Yawars

When trained properly with a kubotan or yawara stick, these self defense weapons can be very effective in stopping an attacker. With either, you want to go after the attacker’s “soft spots”, pressure points, or weak joints such as the knee to drop them so you can remove yourself from the dangerous situation.

A kubotan is most often seen as a keychain and can be applied to points that inflict the most pain which can debilitate your attacker. Yawara sticks allow you to add power to your defense strikes. It is important to know how to use a kubotan for self defense correctly.

Self-Defense Keychains

Just like with the kubotan that is often seen as a keychain, there are many types of self defense weapons that can be disguised as a nothing more than a decorative keychain element.

However, if used correctly, a self defense keychain can give you the upper hand when attacked.

Whether you want to add some a couple of spikes to a simple punch or you just want to alert others in the area that you need help, such as with a personal alarm, a keychain self defense tool can be used in conjunction with other self defense tools listed here.

Self Defense Smartphone Apps

If you want to make sure friends and family know where you are and that you need help, there are smartphone apps like Safe Switch that can immediately notify anyone you designate that you are in trouble.

While you will need a few seconds to send the alert, that alert can be valuable if you are able to get away from the dangerous situation and will need help when you are far enough away.

Be Safe by Being Prepared

No matter what self defense weapon you choose to carry, you should always be comfortable in using it.

Be sure to take a self defense class that will teach you how to use pepper spray properly, for instance. This way it only affects your attacker and not you as well.

If you are looking for self defense options that aren’t a gun, you can see you have many options. Just be sure you can use it well in the event you actually do need it to defend yourself.

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