Best self defense weapon for protecting your home

Do you feel vulnerable in your own home?

Want to be prepared in the event of a home invasion?

I understand.

Your home can be a safe and secure environment. This article shows:

  • Why you would need a self-defense weapon for home defense
  • What types of self-defense weapons are best for use in the home
  • Our top choices for a self-defense weapon to be used in the home and why

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The best self defense weapon for home defense

Why do you need a weapon for home defense?

Crimes against women are on the rise.

According to statistics compiled by the Women’s Self Defense Institute, every hour somewhere in America:

  • 2 women are murdered,
  • 12 are raped,
  • 24 suffer sexual assaults,
  • 66 are robbed, and
  • 189 suffer from violent crimes.

If you are curious about the exact level of these violent crimes in your own state, the FBI provides an easily accessible summary here.

A self-defense weapon designed for home defense can help you to avoid becoming just one more statistic, especially as a woman.

What is the best kind of self defense weapon for home defence?

I’ll say it now:

I’m not a fan of guns for self defense.

However, many Americans choose assert their rights under the Second Amendment to the US Constitution, and keep a gun for home defense.

That’s their decision, and I respect it, but here are my thoughts.

This is an expensive means of self-defense that leaves you open to legal problems if you discharge your weapon. Also, statistics gathered from the National Crime Victimization Surveys 2007-2011 show that there is no actual proof that a gun is more beneficial than any other self-defense weapons used for home defense..

In fact, according to The Police Policy Studies Council, at distances of less than 21 feet, a knife can be more effective and deadly than a gun.

And indeed you could choose to arm yourself with a knife for home defense. But fighting with a knife requires you to get close to your attacker, and a knife can be taken and used against its owner.

What's the best weapon for defending your home?

The safest and most effective weapons for home defense are often non-lethal self-defense weapons.

You are unlikely to face criminal prosecution for using them inside your own home, and they are statistically proven to be as effective as lethal weapons.

Also, they are more affordable than firearms.

Three types of non-lethal weapon used in home defense which are recommended:

  • Chemical sprays
  • Stun guns
  • Tasers

Of course, self defense weapons are not the only means of improving your safety at home.

You can also take self-defense classes, invest in better locks and a home alarm system, and buy other self-defense products such as a personal alarm.

Some general advice about self-defense for women can be found here.

Home self defense - the best non-lethal weapons

What are the best weapons for home defense, then?

Here are 3 non-lethal self-defense weapons that are all practical choices for home defense.

Whether you feel more comfortable with a pepper chemical spray or you prefer a stun gun or taser, there’s something that will help you with home defense on this list.

Best Taser for home self defense: the Taser Pulse (with 2 cartridges)

Taser is a justifiably famous brand used and recommended by law enforcement personnel.

Their Taser Pulse weapon allows you to hit your attacker at a distance and delivers a powerful, knockout punch. Being able to stay at a distance when someone is threatening you is one of the best ways to stay safe.


  • 15 feet range
  • Immobilizes attackers for 30 seconds
  • Laser LED for easy targeting
  • 2 live cartridges
  • Supplied with a holster


  • The cartridges are only effective if they penetrate the attackers clothing
  • You must actually hit the attacker when you shoot
  • It only incapacitates the attacker for 30 seconds

Self-defense tasers are an increasingly popular option for home defense.

While you get to stay at a distance from the attacker, you also have the ability to get away from the situation quickly while the assailant is incapacitated.

Check out more info and find the best price for the Taser Pulse on Amazon.

Best Pepper Spray for home self defense: Sabre Red Pepper Gel with Wall Mount Bracket

SABRE Red Home Defense Pepper Gel With Wall Mount For Easy Access, Max Strength OC Spray, UV Marking Dye Helps Identify Suspects, Full Hand Grip For More Accurate Aim, Secure Pin Safety, 32 Bursts

Sabre has manufactured personal safety products for over 40 years and supplies chemical spray weapons to police forces worldwide. It’s the brand chosen by NYPD, Chicago PD, LA County Sheriffs and US Marshals.

Their Red Pepper Gel is a great weapon for home defense because it can be used from a distance and fired multiple times.


  • Supplied with a handy wall mounting bracket
  • 32 powerful squirts
  • Super long range of up to 25 feet
  • Because this is a gel, there is less chance of blowback hurting you during use
  • Pistol grip with thumb trigger for easy aim and discharge
  • UV marking dye to aid suspect identification
  • Training video and safety tips available in the manufacturer’s blog
  • Quality guaranteed by ISO 9001:2008 Certification.


  • Some customers complained that during testing they couldn’t hit the volunteer until they got within 15 feet, though that’s still a much longer range than most smaller chemical spray canisters

Sabre Red Pepper Gel is just as effective as a self-defense weapon whether you need it in a dark parking lot or within your own home. Have one for your purse and another for your nightstand.

You can read more info about this gel over on Amazon.

Vipertek VTS-989 Self-Defense Stun Gun

VIPERTEK VTS-989-1 Billion Heavy Duty Stun Gun - Rechargeable with LED Flashlight

Vipertek is a well known and respected manufacturer or self-defense products.

Their VTS-989 stun gun will allow you to shock any attacker into pain compliance.

The light and sound of a stun gun may also help deter an attacker. Most people know what the sound is and will know you aren’t going down without a fight.


  • Delivers a powerful 230 million volt shock
  • Ultra-Sharp Spike Electrodes designed to penetrate even thick clothing
  • Snatch prevention through side shock plates
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Built in LED flashlight
  • Lifetime warranty


  • You actually have to touch your attacker with this weapon, so that means getting close

The Vipertek Stun Gun is an effective weapon for home self-defense.

As mentioned, a stun gun can be a threat deterrent just with the sight and sound of it. If this prevents you from having to actually use it, even better.

Read thousands of great reviews from actual users over on Amazon by clicking here.

Stay safe in your home and everywhere you go

The Taser Pulse would be very effective against an attacker if you score a hit. However, it can only be used once before needing to be reloaded. If you miss, it features a backup contact stun gun as a last resort.

In order to be comfortable with aiming the Taser, you should have practiced with it. Then this makes a great weapon for home defense.

If I miss, I want to have a great self defense knife on me. That’s where the Spyderco Matriarch comes in.

You may be more comfortable with the other two options, but please do all that you can to stay safe in your own home with a reliable self-defense weapon for home defense.

Got another suggestion? Leave it in the comments below!

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