The Best Pepper Spray for a woman to carry

It’s just a fact of life:

For self defense, the best pepper spray for a woman to carry will be quick, effective, and easy to use.

If you are in the market for a pepper spray for yourself as a woman, or if you are looking to buy it for someone else, you want to make sure you are getting the best one.

This is especially true, as women are more likely to be attacked.

Are you ready to find the right pepper spray for a woman to carry?

Let’s take a look at:

  • What makes pepper spray effective
  • What you should look for in pepper spray for a woman user
  • What factors should go into your decision
  • Our top 3 pepper spray products for a woman to carry

No time to read the whole thing? Check out my top pepper spray, the ASP Palm Defender, over on Amazon.

What's the best pepper spray for a woman?

The best pepper spray for a woman to carry

  • It is important for women to carry pepper spray on them.
  • If someone knows you have pepper spray, it can keep an attack from happening. Seriously, no one wants to feel that.
  • If they don’t, you know you will be able to disarm your attacker to get away from the situation.

Either way, you end up safer, all because you have pepper spray on you.

I love the following three pepper sprays. Check out the reviews and learn why these are the best, then you can make the choice for yourself.

Top Choice for Max Effect: ASP Palm Defender Pepper Spray

ASP Palm Defender Pepper Spray with Keychain, Quick Release, OC, Police Strength, Heat Insert Included, 3 Foot Range, Discreet (Black)

My top pepper spray choice has the maximum impact:

While this ASP Palm Defender Pepper Spray comes in a smaller container, there are many benefits.

One is that the strength in that pepper spray is at the legal limit of 10% oleoresin capsicum. To me, that makes this the best civilian pepper spray you can have on you.

You can also very easily replace the cartridge if it were to expire, or even after using the product. The keyring attachment allows for a quick grab and shoot when needed in a defense situation.

This product by ASP is designed to law enforcement standards. It is highly effective and easy to use which makes it the perfect pepper spray for women to carry if they are looking for a quick release.


  • Cone-type spray makes it easy to defend yourself from multiple attackers
  • Small size is very discreet
  • Quick release has built-in safety features
  • Made of high-strength and lightweight aluminum


  • Only 3 short bursts
  • Only a 3-foot range so you may have to get closer to your attacker

While the size and range of this product can’t compare to the first two pepper sprays on our list, the quick release feature and discreet design make it much easier to use.

This is one pepper spray for women that is built to high standards and is highly effective, particularly with the super high strength level.

You can jump over to Amazon to buy one for yourself by clicking here.

Best Keychain Pepper Spray: Ruger Pepper Gel Keychain

SABRE RUGER Police Strength Pepper Gel Spray Flip Top with Key Ring, Pink

The Pepper Gel Keychain by Ruger comes with a powerful brand name and there’s a reason for it. Ruger has been making effective pepper sprays alongside their line of firearms for quite some time, and they don’t skimp on the quality for either product. Ruger has actually teamed up with another big name in pepper spray… SABRE.

This Ruger Pepper Gel Keychain allows for very quick access. The pepper gel that is used in this product has a heavier density, which means it can go farther, and without the risk of wind blowing it back at you. The flip-top also ensures you won’t accidentally discharge the pepper gel.


  • Commonly carried by those in the criminal justice system
  • 12-foot range keeps you even farther away from your attacker
  • 25 bursts so you know you won’t miss, even with multiple attackers
  • Access to training video with your purchase


  • Design makes it easy for the user to place their finger in the way of the stream

The same pepper product from SABRE’s Red series is the formula you will find in the Pepper Gel Spray by Ruger. This is a very powerful formula that is guaranteed to deter or disarm your attacker.

Check it out over on Amazon to read more and buy one for yourself.

Best Small Pepper Spray to Carry: SABRE Designer Label Pepper Spray

SABRE Red Pepper Spray, Maximum Police Strength OC Spray with UV Dye, 10 ft Range, Key Chain and Clip Options, Camo Design

It isn’t just the “designer look” of the SABRE Designer Label Pepper Spray that makes it so perfect for women.

This SABRE product is very effective with some of the strongest oleoresin capsicum concentrations available. Even police carry SABRE products with them, and there’s a reason for that.

SABRE also wants to make sure all those who carry their products are trained in their use. You will be able to access a training video so you are comfortable with how the product works. They’ve also worked continuously to improve the product, building on the SABRE reputation for the most effective and reliable pepper sprays for women.


  • Quick access with keychain
  • Stylish designs made with the woman in mind: black, floral, and pink camo
  • Powerful stream capable of a 10-foot range, keeping you out of harm’s way
  • 25 bursts available in a compact size.


  • Safety access can be bumped while in a purse with other items–best to keep it on a keychain
  • Designer look is applied with a sticker and this comes off fairly easily

The range of the SABRE Designer Label Pepper Spray allows you to stay farther away from the attacker and the 25 bursts ensure you won’t miss.

While I don’t normally recommend “girly”-looking products for women, I do think that this is one of the best pepper sprays for women (or anyone, for that matter) to carry. You won’t be disappointed.

You can find this product over on Amazon by clicking here.

Best pepper spray for self defense for women

Why Pepper Spray is so important for women

Pepper spray is an effective but non-lethal way to disable an attacker.

This makes it so you are able to remove yourself from the situation. It is also easy to use and can be carried discreetly, which makes it an ideal self-defense option for women.

With benefits such as these, having the best portable pepper spray is an important self-defense tool for women.

Whether you are in a dark parking lot headed to your car after work or you are out with friends on a Saturday night, pepper spray can help you feel more confident in your ability to get away from an attacker.

The best pepper spray brands for women to carry

Features to look for when buying Pepper Spray

When either men or women are shopping for pepper spray, there are several features you want to consider.

Your choices regarding the features listed below will be based on your needs and how comfortable you are carrying pepper spray.


There are typically three sizes of pepper spray. The size you choose will most likely be based on how you intend to carry it, whether in your purse, a holster, etc.

A keychain or pocket pepper spray is ideal for those who want to hang it off your keys, attach it to a belt loop, or even just slide it into your pocket.

A medium sized pepper spray, usually about 2 oz., is ideal for women as it is easily stored in a purse.

Larger sizes of pepper spray are usually carried in a holster and are 4 oz. or more in size.

Type of Attacker

Not all pepper spray is the same.

If you are only anticipating a human attacker, you will want pepper spray designed for that.

If you find yourself out in the wild when camping, hiking, etc. you will want to have a pepper spray designed for those situations.

The pepper sprays we feature here are for human attackers and are great for women to carry.

Type of Spray

There are different types of spray when it comes to pepper spray. Each has their advantages so you will want to choose a type that you are comfortable with.

  • A stream is the most forceful type of spray and it is able to reach farther distances because of that. This keeps you safely out of harm’s way when spraying an attacker.
  • A cone spray sprays a wider area but not quite as far as a stream. This is helpful in the event there is more than one attacker.
  • Foam allows you distance as well as the benefit of the pepper spray staying in place on the attacker’s face.
  • Gel works much like foam pepper spray by staying in place once it hits the attacker, but it has a longer range.


The strongest pepper spray you will find legally is only 10% of oleoresin capsicum. However, there are many that have only 2 to 3% that are very effective as well.

Oleoresin capsicum is the “pepper” in pepper spray and what makes it so effective.

Choosing the best pepper spray for a woman to carry

Get out there and protect yourself

While all three of the pepper sprays are ideal for women to carry, there are some distinct difference between them.

The training included in both the SABRE and Ruger products would make me feel much more comfortable as a user or if I was giving this product to a female friend or family member.

However, the strength of the ASP pepper spray is what won me over and the reason it gets my top recommendation.

You can’t go wrong with any of them, though.

Whether you are looking for something you can carry yourself or you want to purchase pepper spray for your daughter, wife, girlfriend, etc. you want to make sure you purchase an effective and durable product.

These three do just that.

Got another favorite? Leave it in the comments below.

If you’re looking for some more instruction on using your pepper spray, check out the video below:

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