The best EDC Laptop Bag [My Top 3 Picks!]


It’s a way of life for some folks (maybe you)!

Do you want a bag for everyday use that offers maximum protection for your laptop?

This article investigates the best EDC laptop bags available today and explores:

  1. Why you need an EDC laptop bag
  2. What features you should look for in an EDC laptop bag
  3. 3 popular EDC laptop bags you might consider

In a hurry? Check out my top pick from Samsonite, the Kombi 4 Square, over on Amazon now.

How to find the best EDC laptop bag

My top 3 EDC Laptop Bags

To help you find your ideal bag, here are reviews of 3 very different but popular designs of EDC laptop bags.

I didn’t want to limit it to just 1 form factor, so I’ve got a backpack and some messenger bag-style laptop bags.

Let’s get started:

Best Overall: the Samsonite Kombi 4 Square Laptop Backpack

Samsonite Kombi 4 Square Backpack with Smart Sleeve, Black/Brown, 15.75 x 9 x 5.5-Inch

Samsonite is a highly respected, international luggage manufacturing company originally founded in Denver in 1910.

This convenient laptop backpack, the Kombi 4 Square, is a great example of their ability to combine design elegance with affordability. It’s also got plenty of room for your other EDC essentials that you need to have on you.


  • Outer material is rugged ballistic nylon with genuine leather features
  • Nylon lining
  • Dedicated, padded laptop compartment for up to 13 ⅓ inch laptop
  • Spacious separate large compartment for other essentials you may need
  • 4 large exterior zippered pouches with easy access for all your accessories
  • Multiple interior pockets for ease of organization
  • Padded shoulder straps for comfortable carrying


Some users have complained that this backpack is a little small, though it can easily carry a 15 inch MacBook

The strength of the Samsonite Kombi is the huge quantity of pockets for people who love to be organized.

The rugged manufacture and ample padding will ensure that your laptop remains safe when you’re on the run. The padded shoulder straps and the ergonomic design of this backpack make it super comfy to carry. I’m sure you’ll love this backpack.

Want to see more? Check it out on Amazon by clicking here.

Best for Women: Clark & Mayfield Reed Laptop Handbag

Clark & Mayfield Reed Laptop Handbag 17.3' (Slate)

Note: I had a lady friend of my step in for this one, as I’m completely unqualified to choose the best EDC laptop bag for women! Here’s Krysta:

Clark & Mayfield are a relatively new company founded in Portland by wife and husband team Lauri and Barry DeLaczay.

Working in an elementary school, Lauri was frustrated that she couldn’t find a handbag capable of holding her laptop and all her daily necessities.

This EDC laptop handbag is the fruition of her vision.


  • Textured polyester nylon cover
  • Dedicated, padded laptop compartment for up to 17 ⅓ inch laptop
  • Two spacious separate compartments for other essentials you may need
  • Exterior zippered pouches with easy access for accessories
  • Multiple interior pockets for ID, pens and wallet
  • Wide shoulder straps for comfort
  • Reinforced base for extra protection to your laptop when the bag is placed down


Some users have mentioned that this bag does not come with a cross body strap option

Clark & Mayfield Reed Laptop Handbag 17.3' (Copper Brown)If you own a larger than average laptop, this bag is a great choice for everyday use. Its high quality manufacture and feminine looks are perfect for the lady who wants to look smart at work or business meetings.

It also comes in 2 great colors: purple and copper brown (shown to the right):

It is such a convenient and versatile bag that you may find yourself dumping your old bag and transferring all your daily essentials to this one.

Check out the great reviews for this bag and pick one up for yourself over on Amazon.

Best Budget Bag: MOSISO Messenger Laptop Bag

MOSISO Polyester Messenger Shoulder Bag with Adjustable Depth at Bottom Compatible with 13-13.3 Inch Laptop, Pure Gray

This easily affordable laptop messenger shoulder bag from MOSISO is one of the highest rated EDC laptop bags available, and it’s easy to see why.


  • A low price for such a high quality bag
  • Spill resistant polyester cover
  • Dedicated laptop compartment with foam padding and soft fabric lining for up to 13 ⅓ inch laptop
  • 2 exterior zippered pouches with easy access
  • Multiple interior pockets for your documents and wallet
  • Adjustable shoulder strap with anti-slip pad for comfortable carrying


Some larger laptops will not fit into this bag – check the specs before buying

If you’re looking for an affordable EDC laptop bag, this is one of the least expensive bags on the market and yet still offers great protection for your laptop.

You can click over to Amazon to find the best price for this bag and pick one up for yourself.

What't the best laptop bag for your EDC?

Why do you need an EDC laptop bag?

These days it’s rare for computer manufacturers to offer a free carry case when you buy a laptop.

Even if they do, it will most likely have a highly visible logo informing every purse snatcher within a hundred feet that you’re carrying a stealable valuable. But you really need a suitable bag to protect your laptop when you’re out and about.

What would happen if your laptop broke?

For many people today, their laptop is not only a word processing tool, but it’s also the main repository for all their records, their address book, and is their main communications device. If your laptop gets damaged, you don’t just suffer the cost of repair or replacement but also the less quantifiable cost of inconvenience and lost data.

You may also have other fragile devices you need to carry around, like a camera or tablet.

Such items can be very expensive to repair or replace, so it makes sense to buy a relatively inexpensive protective bag to carry your expensive electronic devices in safety.

Everyday carry laptop bags - what's the best?

What features should you look for in an EDC laptop bag?

If you’ve never bought an EDC laptop bag before, you might be wondering what kinds of features you should be looking for.

Some important considerations are:

  1. Storage capacity
  2. Organization
  3. Protection
  4. Ergonomics
  5. Aesthetics
  6. Budget

Let’s break them down one by one:

Storage Capacity

The last thing you want is to buy an EDC laptop bag and then discover it isn’t large enough to hold both your laptop and the essential accessories you need for everyday use.

Manufacturers and distributors usually advertise the maximum sized laptop the bag is designed to carry. The product details will either state a maximum screen size in inches or specify certain makes and models of laptops the bag is capable of holding.

Sometimes you’ll find a total storage capacity quoted in litres. It’s a good idea to bear in mind that the larger the bag the heavier it will be, so there’s no point buying something much larger than you actually need.


Ideally, the bag you buy should have a dedicated compartment for your laptop that is adequately padded for protection.

There will be other compartments or pockets for the accessories, such as the power cable and mouse, and any other gear you need to carry for work.

Multiple pouches are helpful for keeping everything organized, and a second large compartment is especially useful for bulky items you might need to carry, like a binder or work manual.


Padding is essential to protect your laptop and any fragile accessories from damage.

Additionally, an outer waterproof material and adequate seals also help protect your computer from rain damage — especially useful if you live in a wet part of the nation.


Think about how you want to carry your laptop around.

If you have to walk long distances, an EDC laptop backpack is often the best option, or even a sling-style bag. With a backpack, you have to consider how well padded the straps are and how comfortable it will be for you to wear during everyday use.

For shorter carrying distances from vehicle to office, an EDC laptop messenger bag might be better.


If you’re carrying your laptop to meetings with clients, the aesthetics of your bag may be important to you.

It’s dependent on your usual situation where you’ll be sporting your EDC bag, really. But don’t pass up this important step – we all like looking good.


Nearly everyone thinks about this one:

If you’ve just paid through the nose for a new laptop, you might not want to spend another $100 on a bag, too.

However, why trust a $1,000 laptop to a $10 bag? Focus on getting the best protection within your personal budget.

Finding a great EDC bag for your laptop

Which bag should you buy?

Your choice of EDC laptop bag depends upon your own personal requirements and budget.

If you’re on a tight budget, you might find the MOSISO more suitable. For women (according to my friend), the Clark & Mayfield is the way to go.

But overall, and especially if you have to carry your laptop over distances, the Samsonite backpack will make your life that little bit easier.

Got another great EDC bag or backpack to recommend? Leave it in the comments!

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