What is the best concealed non-lethal weapon to carry?

Do you have the confidence that you can take care of yourself in any situation, even when an attacker has a weapon?

It’s kind of hard to outrun a bullet, naturally. So in this case, your only option is to disable the attacker before he more than disables you!

In this moment, your split-second response can determine whether or not you live to see another day. You can’t afford to freeze in fear. What you need is something you can use, knowing it will work every time.

This is the main reason you should have a form of non-lethal force on your person at all times. Most people don’t want to walk around brandishing their weapons all day. So in this post, I’ve collected the best concealed non-lethal weapons you can carry.

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Sure, you can always carry a gun or knife for your protection, but these weapons are designed to be deadly. If you want to avoid the legal, moral, and emotional implications that come along with the use of deadly force, you’re much better off using a non-lethal form of defensive weapon. Besides, your aim isn’t always to kill the attacker – you just need to get away from him to safety, hopefully with all of your limbs intact!

ProductEffectivenessPriceDefense ScoreBuy on Amazon
Taser BoltAlmost 100% effective, with backup stun capability$$$$$XXXXX
ViperTek VTS-989 Stun GunPowerful deterrent, Reliable functionality$$XXXX
SABRE Red Pepper GelHighly accurate without blow-back. Nearly 100% effective.$XXX

The most important features

When choosing a non-lethal weapon, it’s important to focus on the features that really matter. Here are our most important features to look for:


The most important characteristic of any weapon is its reliability.

After all, you’re trusting that weapon to protect your life. You want to know that it will work when you need it to work, and that it’ll deliver consistent results for you.

Not to mention, the confidence you gain with a reliable non-lethal weapon in your hand will translate to a fearless stride. Stepping out boldly is often enough to deter many would-be attackers.

Even if they keep on coming, you know for sure that you can use your weapon to easily drop any assailant.

Ease of use

When you’re in danger, the last thing you need is a defensive weapon that requires complicated or precise manipulations to activate.

Every second is precious when you’re arming yourself, particularly when the weapon is started from a concealed position. You don’t need the distraction of two-handed preparations. Nor should you need to look away from your assailant to prepare your weapon for action.

With those features in mind, I’ve selected the top 3 best concealed non-lethal weapons for self defense. They perform reliably, are straightforward to activate, and are simple to deploy.

Taser Bolt – “Premium Self Defense”

The Taser Bolt is the surest way to disable an attacker so you can escape to safety.

That’s why it remains my preferred non-lethal defense solution. This Taser shoots out 2 sharp electrodes that are tethered to 15 feet of cable. They strike with enough force to penetrate clothing.

The electrodes zap the attacker with an electrical charge, specifically calibrated to override their central nervous system for 30 seconds. This gives you enough time to flee.

This means you can stop the attacker before he gets any closer than 10 feet from where you’re standing.

Backup protection

The Taser Bolt is equipped with a stun plate on the front, which you can use to disable any attacker who gets close enough for direct contact. Most users find that this functionality works consistently, whether or not you have discharged the electrodes.


This weapon has an almost 100% success rate.

Its powerful battery has a long life that will allow you to take it anywhere without worrying about losing a charge. It is by far the most effective and consistent self-contained Taser/stun gun combo available.

Ease of use

Here, too, the Taser Bolt rates a solid 5 stars. The safety keeps the gun secure, but is easily removed with one hand. Accuracy is increased by a laser targeting beam that turns on as soon as the safety is removed, showing you precisely where the weapon is pointing at all times.

Aids to effectiveness

The Taser Bolt has a number of other features that aid in its effectiveness for self defense:

  • A child-proof safety prevents accidental arming of the device.
  • An included low-level flashlight adds to targeting visibility.
  • It has a discreet appearance, and is compact enough to fit in pocket or purse.
  • The device contains enough battery power for 50 firings.
  • The Taser’s electric pulse is effective even if the target is drunk or high.
  • It is designed for use anywhere on an attacker’s body.
  • When the electrodes are discharged, they also release marked confetti that allows law enforcement to track the gun’s usage back to you.

Additionally, Axon will also replace your Taser Bolt device, if you’re forced to leave it behind in order to get to safety. All of these features together add up to a premium self defense weapon, in my opinion.

You can read more user reviews from owners and find the best price for the Taser Bolt over on Amazon by clicking here.

ViperTek VTS 989 Stun Gun – “Moderately-priced Solution”

VIPERTEK VTS-989-1 Billion Heavy Duty Stun Gun - Rechargeable with LED Flashlight

This stun gun from ViperTek can be a powerful deterrent, simply by carrying it.

Its appearance can be intimidating to potential assailants, turning away all but the most intrepid attackers. If that’s not enough, there is the downright scary lightning crackle it releases when you pull the trigger.

It is loud!

The longer–than-usual electrode prongs themselves also look painful. The ViperTek VTS 989 stun gun comes equipped with an intense LED flashlight that can temporarily disorient anyone who catches its beam in the eyes.

For its price, this is the most powerful device on the market.


The VTS 989 is powered by rechargeable batteries that are designed to hold a charge for a month.

As long as you regularly recharge your batteries, the stun gun should perform marvelously. The electrodes are sharp enough to penetrate several layers of clothing and deliver a potent electric jolt that can stop even the largest attacker.

The gun also comes with a lifetime warranty, should it malfunction at any time.

Ease of use

Vipertek has incorporated a number of features that make the VTS 989 easy to use:

  • The safety is secure, but easily turned off with the flick of an index finger.
  • A momentary yank on the trigger emits a loud enough sound that can deter attackers.
  • The electric shock from the VTS 989 is powerful enough to incapacitate a large man for 15 seconds.
  • A rubber-coated grip secures your hold on the gun.
  • Metal side strips will zap anyone who attempts to snatch the weapon out of your hand.

Additionally, the device’s 5-inch length makes it easy to store and carry in the provided holster.

Check it out on Amazon by clicking here.

Sabre Pepper Gel – “Safety on a budget”

SABRE Tactical Pepper Gel With Belt Holster For Easy Carry, Maximum Police Strength OC Spray, Quick Access Flip Top Safety, Tactical Design For Security Professionals, 18 Bursts, 18-Foot Range

Pepper spray is effective, but it has the disadvantage of scattering indiscriminately in the wind to affect innocent bystanders. Anyone who releases this aerosol spray could also become a victim (particularly in strong wind).

Not so with pepper gel.

From my research, pepper gel is much more effective than its aerosol cousin. It provides a forceful stream of thick liquid that sticks to the surface of the attacker’s skin with almost no potential blowback. A shot across the eyes can set you free from any impending attacker.

Sabre makes an excellent quality pepper gel.

Their gel is effective up to 18 feet, so you can potentially neutralize danger well before the assailant is within arm’s reach. This makes it much safer than pepper spray.

Because it doesn’t scatter, pepper gel can also be used indoors with great effectiveness – something you’d never want to do with pepper spray.

For these reasons, I highly recommend this as the most powerful form of effective protection you can buy on a tight budget. It’s also a great backup weapon to have if one of the others fails.


Sabre pepper gel is the tool preferred by law enforcement professionals.

It performs consistently over time, and has a 4-year shelf life. The gel canister holds 18 metered shots, more than most of the sprays that are on the market.

Sabre’s proprietary gel formula maximizes your power to stop the most belligerent assailant. It also contains UV dye, which makes it easier for law enforcement to identify attackers after the fact.

Ease of use

As with all the products I recommend, Sabre has built in a number of features that make this pepper gel easy to use in a self defense situation:

  • The flip-top safety is easily removed with one hand.
  • The device’s safety prevents it from accidentally discharging in your pocket or purse.
  • Sabre provides ample free training online, for safe and effective usage.
  • Greater range than pepper spray and can be used indoors

The Sabre pepper gel also features a carrying case that can clip to your belt, and the gel canister itself is easily removed in a self defense situation.

You can see more info about this Pepper Gel and pick one up for yourself on Amazon by clicking here.

What are users saying?

Taser Bolt

Reviews for the Taser Bolt are overwhelmingly positive.

Most users appreciate how easy it is to carry and how simple it is to deploy. Many report purchasing additional Taser Bolts to give to parents and other family members for their added safety.

The Taser Bolt is seen as an easy to learn and easy to store device, because of the secure safety.

The few negative reports I’ve found usually remark on the cost of replacing cartridges and batteries. A few people complain that the security features are actually too secure. They say that it could be difficult for some people to quickly remove and activate, when in danger. However, nobody has complained about it accidentally discharging.

I think these issues can be overcome with practice and training in the device’s usage.

ViperTek VTS 989 Stun Gun

This device has many enthusiastic followers!

Quite a few users are impressed by the VTS 989’s intimidation factor, as well as its ability to stop anyone in their tracks. One runner even uses it to scare away feral dogs with its light and loud zap.

Several reviewers have tested it on themselves and note significant bruising from the stun. Many have noted enthusiastically how it immobilized them effectively, asserting that it can quickly and effectively drop even a very large person.

Some remark that it is light and easy to carry, making it ideal for people on the go and walkers/runners.

The intense LED Light also attracted much positive attention. Quite a few reviewers mentioned that they like the VTS 989 Stun Gun so much that they have purchased additional devices to give to parents, family members, and students going away to college.

The most common complaint is that the carrying case is not sturdy enough for their liking. A few people have reported the tip of a probe falling off, or have been disappointed that the probes were not as long as they expected.

Some have complained about difficulties in charging the batteries or problems holding a charge, but just as many people tout the batteries’ longevity, so it’s hard to know what to think. I think that given the number of very positive reviews on Amazon, this is a great and reliable self defense carry.

Sabre red pepper gel

Users report that they are pleased by how easy this gel is to deploy under the pressure of an attack. They also love how well they can control its spray without even looking at it, and the fact that it’s made of police grade ingredients.

Many purchasers note that it contains a lot more product than other keychain canisters.

People who have used it report that it didn’t take much to stop an attacker and that the gel stuck like glue to the assailant’s face. They also remarked on how easy it is to aim accurately. Quite a few remarked that they are very pleased by what they got for such a low price.

Thankfully, there really aren’t a lot of negative reports for this device. What surfaced was centered around the safety slipping off or the top of the canister falling off and allowing the gel to leak out. Only a very few individuals complained that the trigger was hard to push down.

You can easily check out Amazon’s user reviews for yourself to see more impressions:

So what’s the best concealed non-lethal weapon?

There you have it!

In the end, it’s up to you to take care of yourself. You can’t count on the cavalry to swoop in and rescue you.

If you’re on a limited budget, but still want an easily-accessed form of protection, the Sabre Pepper Gel can’t be beat. The ViperTek VTS 989 Stun Gun is only a little more expensive, but it packs an incredible wallop for the price and is the most powerful deterrent force you can carry for that amount of money.

However, the Taser Bolt is my favorite. It came out head and shoulders above the other forms of active protection because of its sheer power and near-total effectiveness. It holds the record in my book for the best concealed non-lethal weapon you can buy.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is it illegal to carry a taser or a stun gun?

Fortunately, there are fewer states that have outlawed tasers and stun guns than have made them legal. In fact, only 3 states have banned them completely: Hawaii, New York, and Rhode Island. Even though the state may see a stun gun or taser as legal, some cities have banned them from use within city limits: Chicago, IL; Ocean City, MD; and, Ruston, WA. Baltimore County in Maryland has also banned them even though the state of Maryland has legalized their use.

Nearly every other state will allow the use of a stun gun or taser, especially when used in a personal, self-defense situation. While most states have no requirements on their use, the following 4 states have placed restrictions on obtaining or using one: Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, and Mississippi. You may have to obtain a license to use a stun gun or taser in those states, but be sure to contact a local police station about what you need to do to own and use one legally in your area.

Should I just carry a knife for self-defense?

One of the best features of a stun gun or a taser is that they are non-lethal. This is a good thing as self-defense cases can lead to lawyers and court hearings, especially if the attacker is severely injured or even killed as you are trying to protect yourself. While it may be wise to carry a small knife on you for everyday use, using it to protect yourself is not. In fact, a weapon such as a knife can be taken from you by the attacker and then used on you.

If your taser or stun gun is taken from you, even if the attackers tries to use it on you, the most you get is a shock that keeps you on the ground for a few minutes, but you won’t be seriously injured. Carrying a knife can actually make the self-defense situation much more deadly. A non-lethal stun gun or taser will allow you to get away without severely injuring the attacker, or the attacker injuring you.

How else can I keep myself safe?

In addition to carrying a non-lethal, self-defense weapon such as a taser or stun gun, you also want to make sure you aren’t presenting yourself as a target. If you have a large bag, an attacker may see you as a target possibly carrying valuables. Nice shoes, jewelry, and more can also make you seen as a target. You should also try to use a less noticeable bag for your laptop, tablet, and other accessories.

It isn’t just the items with you or what you are wearing that can make you a target to a potential assailant. If you are distracted by trying to find the right key to your car, they may see an opportunity to attack. This is the same if you are wearing earbuds or headphones as you are most likely not paying as much attention to your surroundings as you should be.

Can I carry a concealed weapon even if it is non-lethal?

Many states place stun guns and tasers under the same laws as those that control gun use. If your state doesn’t require a permit to carry concealed in public, you are usually allowed to do the same with these non-lethal choices. Other states, and even counties or cities, only control use of “projectile devices.” While a stun gun wouldn’t be limited, a taser that has projectile barbs and wires, would be held under the same laws as typical firearms.

As the personal use of tasers and stun guns for self-defense has increased since the early 1990’s, these laws are changing. Whereas many localities don’t currently have laws around the use of electric shock devices, they are being discussed and may even be close to becoming law. Because of the rapid changes regarding the use of stun guns and tasers, you may want to talk to a police officer about the legality of carrying them concealed. You can also call your local government offices.

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