Benchmade Tactical Triage 917 – The perfect EDC folding knife?

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The Tactical Triage offers a lifetime value superior to most knives in its price range. Made with CPM S30V steel and a G10 handle, the Tactical Triage is built to withstand just about anything. The sleek G10 handle and brushed drop-point blade makes the Tactical Triage a stylish addition to your knife collection. The rescue hook and carbide glass breaker mean that you’ll be prepared for anything, while the blade’s anti-corrosion edge means you get maximum efficiency with minimum effort.


What I like: What I don’t like:
  • CPM S30V steel means your blade will naturally resist corrosion and retain its edge longer.
  • It comes with a full lifetime warranty, which means this is a good long-term investment.
  • It comes with a rescue hook and carbide glass breaker, meaning you’ll be prepared for whatever comes your way.
  • The high price point is a barrier for many knife enthusiasts who don’t have the money or are unfamiliar with the Benchmade brand.
  • The Tactical Triage is a manual blade only, meaning those who are looking for a quick-draw knife may be disappointed.

Review Summary

Benchmade’s newest addition, the 917 Tactical Triage, features Benchmade’s classic axis lock, Lifetime Warranty, and CPM S30V steel blade.

It’s a utilitarian workhorse, featuring a rescue hook and carbide glass breaker to make sure you’re ready for whatever life may throw your way!

Head over to Amazon to check out the best price for this knife and pick one up for yourself.

Benchmade 917 Tactical Triage - Our Review

Review: the Benchmade Tactical Triage 917 folding knife

You never know what kind of adventures you’re going to run into in your day-to-day life. Luckily, Benchmade’s got you covered!

The new 917 Tactical Triage is outfitted with everything you’ll need to handle whatever life throws at you, wrapped in a knife small enough to fit in your pocket and use as an everyday carry.

Who is this for?

Benchmade’s Tactical Triage Knife is good for those of you looking for a high-quality everyday carry to handle life as it comes at you.

Fully extended, the knife is 8.33 inches. Once closed, however, it measures in at 4.85 inches, making it easy to inconspicuously carry in your pocket or clip onto your belt for everyday use. At 5.28 oz, you’ll hardly even notice it’s there!

The blade comes with a rescue hook, carbide glass breaker, and the option to choose a serrated blade combo, which also makes this a good choice as a tactical or rescue knife.

It’s really the perfect knife for your EDC kit.

Is the Tactical Triage 917 right for you?

What makes it good?

This blade has a ton of great features that make it a perfect choice for nearly everybody.

The 917 Tactical Triage knife offers superb value for all knife enthusiasts, whether you’re just looking for a multi-purpose everyday carry or for a work knife to take with you into the field.

Its blade is made of CPM S30V steel, which introduces vanadium carbides into the steel alloy to create a blade that will maintain its edge, resist corrosion from everyday use and moisture, and offer just the right amount of strength and toughness needed in a blade.

Benchmade Tactical Triage - A great EDC knife

While the Tactical Triage’s blade is cutting edge in terms of blade quality, the G10 handle is one of the best knife grips you’ll find anywhere:

  • Made from woven glass fiber, the G10 handle is virtually indestructible.
  • The handle won’t rust or oxidize, it won’t become brittle, and it won’t soften over time. This is because G10 is completely waterproof, meaning no moisture will be able to work into the handle.
  • This leaves you with a handle that requires no maintenance, is lightweight, and won’t expand or contract when it comes into contact with moisture or extreme heat.

So, now you know the Tactical Triage is the epitome of quality craftsmanship.

It also comes jam-packed with features!

It offers a carbide glass breaker for any sticky situations you might find yourself in, a rescue hook/belt cutter in case you ever need to cut yourself out of a wreck, and a serrated edge option if you find yourself needing even more utility.

The Tactical Triage will have you prepared for any situation.

Our review of the Benchmade Tactical Triage 917


Tactical Triage 917 – Main Features

  • CPM S30V steel
  • G10 handle
  • Serrated edge
  • Carbide glass breaker
  • Rescue hook/belt cutter
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Anti-corrosion edge
  • Edge-retention blade

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The Verdict

For adventurers on the go, the Tactical Triage is about as good as it gets.

Its many features means it’s useful enough to bring as your sole everyday carry, while its superior build quality provides you with a knife that will last.

The lifetime warranty offered by Benchmade is especially appealing – If you get the Tactical Triage, you probably won’t find yourself needing a new knife for years to come.

Aside from its utility, the Tactical Triage is also a very stylish blade.

Its small stature means it’s easy enough to carry with you everywhere you go and it’s brushed blade and durable G10 handle will have you showing it off to your friends everywhere you go.

While the Tactical Triage is one of the best knives out there for users looking for a multipurpose everyday carry, the price point can be a little high for some.

However, if you think of it as a long-term investment, the value outweighs the initial cost.

If the Tactical Triage is what you’re looking for, click here to buy one on Amazon, or read more reviews of this great knife here (nearly all 5 stars!).

For a further look into this great knife, check out the video below:

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