What Pocket Knife does MacGyver Use to be Prepared For Everything?

If grew up in the 80s or you’re an 80s buff, then you probably love MacGyver. It’s a classic adventure show about an intelligent and physically skilled agent of a think tank called the Phoenix Foundation. I remember watching reruns of the show in the 90s with my dad. He was also a fan of the show and loved the …

Dog Pepper Spray Vs Human Pepper Spray – What’s the Difference?

Something very basic that women carry around in their purses (and men in their EDC or other bag) is pepper spray. It’s recommended for safety against criminals when going to a crime infested area. A dog spray however, is one that is used to deter a dog or another animal from causing you harm. I’ve carried the latter with me …

How to improve awareness of your surroundings 1

How to increase awareness of your surroundings

Awareness of your surroundings for self defense is usually known as “situational awareness.” In this post, I’ll teach you some ways to improve your situational awareness and increase your ability to stay safe.

What is the definition of Tactical Awareness?

Tactical awareness is an important thing to have in your daily life, but few really understand it. Check out this article for an overview of tactical awareness, how it relates to situational awareness, and how to increase your awareness in real life!